This is the short movie realized during the ANIMANDO.
Directors: Sandro Cleuzo, John Nevarez, Tony Tarantini
Supervisors: Luca Chiarotti, Francesco Mariotti
Original Music: Carlo Chiarotti

The short film is based on both a true story and an ancient legend.

A Japanese fishing village suffers a tragic event, and the young survivors begin a story of friendship with the sea dwellers.

The film is dedicated to Grandmaster Isao Takahata of Studio Ghibli, who was a guest of the Academy in 2014 and recently passed away.

Produced by: Nemo Academy

Created by: 40 talents

Supervion : Tony Tarantini, Sandro Cleuzo, John Nevarez, Francesco Mariotti, Luca Chiarotti.

Target: +5

Duration: 5 minutes

Genre: Sentimental, fantastic

Technique: 2D

Only music track:

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