Devil Lu

In a super-technological world saturated with temptations and perversions within everyone’s reach, the Devil is no longer able on his own to divert humans. Believing that this work goes on very well even without him, Lu ‘(the devil) spends his days in the underworld drinking and smoking joints together with famous deceased figures (John Lennon, Bob Marley, Gandhi and others). However, God, seeing that humans sinned even without Lu’s help, and being tired of his lazy and uncaring attitude decides to put him back in line with a terrible punishment: to fire him.

No longer being the king of the underworld, and consequently no longer being in hell, Lu’ is sent by God to Earth, forcing him to live in close contact with human beings but deprived of almost all his powers. His only chance to regain his previous status is to show that he is still able to lead astray even the purest souls. Lu’ is helped in this sort of refresher course by Mary, Frankie and Nick: three youngsters who live together and who, taking pity on the Devil after hearing his sad story decide to welcome him into their home, making Lu’ their roommate.

Will the lord of evil succeed in keeping up with the times and regain his old and beloved status?

Only music track:

Devil Lu

Produced by: Stranemani international

Created by: Filippo Pan and Agnese Novembri

Target: +14

Duration: 20 minutes

Genre: Satire, black humor

Technique: 2D

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