Music for short animation

Carlo Chiarotti

Bergamo – Creating an animated short film from a soundtrack, a concentrate of history, emotions and stylistic experiments in just one minute. Four weeks of time available in a unique “home”: AiRLovere, the only artistic residence in Italy dedicated to young animation film professionals under the supervision of a special guide, Bruno Bozzetto, the father of Mr. Rossi, who has just returned from Annecy festival with the “Crystal of Honor”, an international career award. “I was a spectator rather than a supervisor – comments Bruno Bozzetto -. Making a one-minute short film in a month is very complicated, doing it well would seem impossible. I was struck by the care in the story, in the characters, their passion, but above all the miraculous ability to make films of this quality. A very remarkable job. Music has been an important help, it leads back on the path ”.

To offer the soundtrack Sony music Italia and Carlo Chiarotti.