AniMA, a treasure chest.

carlo chiarotti
Carlo Chiarotti

-AniMA, a treasure chest from the History of Animation: photo gallery on the Florentine exhibition –

A beautiful article on by Gianfranco Goria – comic and surroundings, which also talks about the “Animando” section, which allowed visitors to discover the “behind the scenes” of animation: the studies of the characters, the preparatory drawings for environments, color experiments and much more. To illustrate the creative process that leads from the sketch to animation are in fact drawings and illustrations made for two unreleased short films by the most talented students of the NEMO Academy: “Yujo“, a refined transposition of a Japanese legend which boasts the direction of Sandro Cleuzo and Tony Tarantini (in addition to the evocative music by Carlo Chiarotti) and “Wish”, a poetic metaphor of human transience declined in Esperanto under the direction of Tarantini himself, together with John Pomeroy, Tom Bancroft and John Nevarez.